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I’m a frontend web developer @ building engaging projects with CSS3, HTML5 and JQUERY. I am also Co-founder @

The Perfect Project Management System for Freelancers,Small & Large Companies

Posted on 04 Dec 2009 in Products & Services | 0 comments

Tens of thousands of small businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs worldwide depend on Basecamp to get their projects done. As a Project manager I have worked with many project management software for many projects and Basecamp is the first product I’ve seen that is versatile for everyone and has everything you need including time-tracking/logging of hours. Even my employer InterRep (Internet Marketing Company) uses Basecamp for their clients.

Basecamp also has a few iPhone apps that makes mobile management & collaboration a breeze. Check out or click my promotion code “KEVINWILLIAMS” to see all that Basecamp has to offer with plans starting as low as $24 per month.

Me, my clients & team love Basecamp, I’m sure you will too!

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